Aestiva RFQ Forms


Fast Setup

  • Installation, setup and customization are included with purchase.
  • No software to install on user equipment since the product is accessed with a browser.
  • No integration with external database servers required since a maintenance-free database engine is included.

Simple User Experience

  • Simple and friendly design.
  • Run over internal intranet, or over the web if configured for world wide web access.
  • User needs no plug-in or special browser.
  • User can use any computer, including Mac, Unix, and Linux.
  • Auto login option for organizations with their own intranet login.

Features Available in the Base System

  • Create New Kinds of Forms using Point-and-Click
  • Single-click Copy From One Form to Another
  • Fast Mark-up Tool
  • Advanced Workflow Engine
  • Audit Controls and Logging
  • Database Engine/Management
  • Proxy User Management
  • On-Screen Help System
  • Report Creation Tools
  • Security Management
  • Installation Support and Training
  • Production/Staging Deployment Support
  • Systems Integration Tools
  • Upgrade and Packaging Tools

Can't find a feature?

It may already be included in the base product. For information about any specific feature please call us toll-free at 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482).

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